Robert H. Barr DMD

Teeth Whitening

Luma Teeth Whitening System

Luma tooth whitening is safe and effective treatment designed to easily and successfully whiten your teeth. A Luma whitening treatment can be performed by our cosmetic dental specialist in just one to two hours. It can dramatically increase the brightness of your smile without causing damage to the tooth enamel or any dental work you've previously received.

The Luma teeth whitening system uses a special whitening solution that is activated by a patented whitening light. This teeth whitening process involves no heat, no drills, and no needles. It causes no damage to tissue or to the teeth, and it effectively and quickly lightens the color of the teeth by several shades. At our practice, the Luma teeth whitening procedure begins when the cosmetic dental specialist gently applies the whitening gel to the patient's teeth. The special light will then be directed toward the teeth in order to activate the peroxide contained in the gel. The patient will relax while the light is aimed at the teeth and the gel lightens the color of the teeth. After the Luma teeth whitening procedure, the cosmetic dental specialist will remove the gel and the patient will discover a bright, healthy smile. The entire procedure usually lasts from one to two hours. Our patients can leave our office immediately after a Luma teeth whitening treatment.

The advantages of the Luma whitening system are numerous. To begin with, this cosmetic dentistry procedure is quick and will be administered by the cosmetic dental specialist in the dental office. This means that the patient does not need to bother with messy take-home trays or worry that he or she has not applied the tooth bleaching gel correctly. Furthermore, the procedure can usually satisfactorily whiten the patient's teeth in one treatment. Finally, the Luma tooth whitening procedure is extremely effective, providing excellent results for our cosmetic dentistry patients.

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